Calendar: Summer 2024

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Last updated: January 26, 2024

  • A rental "week" is 7 nights.
  • Rental period:
    • Check-in — Friday @ 4pm
    • Check-out —Friday @ 10 am
    • Multi-week rentals will have the same check in/out days, but won't have the cleaning gap during the stay.
  • The cottage is closed from October 1st through May. Summer rentals begin in June 18.
  • The cottage sleeps a maximum of 6 people. No exceptions.
  • The number of daytime guests is limited to 12 people, including those sleeping over.
  • Because this is our family's private home, we interview all prospective tenants. This is not a commercial property.
  • View our contracts page to download copies of the rental contract, fee schedule, and other information.
  • We accept checks, credit cards and electronic payments when arranged in advance..


*** See our calendar at www.33cottage/wixsite/calendar

Miranda Rumpf (co-owner and Jacqui Chagnon's daughter) manages the cottage rentals. Contact her at