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Bevi's favorite recipes

Some of these recipes are my creations developed over the years. Others are variations of recipes published in my two of my favorite cookbooks:

  • Williams-Sonoma Chocolate, by Williams-Sonoma, ISBN 0-7835-0241-9
  • New York Cookbook, by Molly O'Neill, ISBN 0-89480-698-x

As I have time, I'll be completing these recipes and adding even more. Soon to come: my nearly-sugar-free chocolate cheesecake recipe. Hope you enjoy them!

   Bete Noire (wheat-free)
  Reine de Saba (wheat-free)

  Bevi's Chocolate Cheesecake (Wheat-free, to come!)

  Chocolate Decadence (Minimal wheat)

 Bevi's Chocolate Fondue (Wheat-free)